No one can do it alone. And while it’s often difficult to admit that you need help, it can be a transformational step toward improving your situation.

Knowing how to say to yourself “maybe I should speak to someone” is a valuable skill.

At Parkway, we’re proud to offer clinical counselling services to people across the Westshore. So if you are wondering, what are the tell-tale signs and indicators you may require counselling? Read on.

1. Past Trauma

Something really bad happened to you!

Perhaps you were crossing the street one sunny day in December and were hit by a car in the crosswalk. This is called trauma – and it can happen literally in the blink of an eye. Trauma is not just for soldiers in the trenches.

Interestingly enough, the exact same incident can happen to two people and one is traumatized by it while the other person just “shrugs it off”. No judgment here, just an observation.

2. Something Feels Off

You don’t feel like yourself lately; something is “off”. Perhaps you notice that you can’t stop crying, or conversely you seem to be “snapping” at everyone.  The bottom line is the you are different and you are not happy about it.  Not all change is welcome.

3. Declining Invitations

Declining invitations to go out with friends and family that you would usually socialize with, yet you want to be included and thought of.  Negative thoughts, feelings and behaviour- like you want to hide out more and more- (and sometimes you in fact do hide out beneath your covers) are taking over your life.


Michelle Maxwell

Meet our clinical counselling team

Michelle brings her person-centred counselling approach to Parkway Physiotherapy & Performance Centre; following the work pioneered by Carl Rogers, very much meeting the client “where they are at” via unconditional positive regard.

4. Extreme Behaviour

Behaviour that was manageable in the past such as having a drink with dinner or making a purchase online seem to have gone to the extreme.  Now you seem to “need” a few extra drinks (or five) to unwind each evening; or you “deserve” to treat yourself and buy a few (or five) new pairs of shoes weekly.  Regardless of specifics, your behaviour has changed and the resulting effects may become detrimental (on yourself and others) if left unchecked for too long.

5. Changes in Your Eating and Sleeping Habits

Your eating and sleeping habits are way different (and you don’t have a new baby or new puppy (or both) in the house) – literally- more or less.  You are sleeping more and more compared to before, or you are roaming the halls at night.  Same thing with your eating habits- you are either treating food as it’s an optional item, or you have opened the fridge door and pulled up a chair.  Perhaps you are multitasking and are sleeping in the kitchen (!) Either way, these habits may negatively impact your well-being in a rather short period of time.

6. Life Isn’t Enjoyable

Life just doesn’t seem all that enjoyable anymore. It seems you have lost all interest in things which used to interest you.  Life is no longer fun; Saturday mornings just come and go – when in the past they were an over the top fun-filled celebration of pancakes and pjs (!)

7. People Notice You’re Different

Other people (namely loved ones) have noticed that you seem to be different.  They may not come right out and say it, but they are worried about you.  You notice that they are pulling away more, or conversely, are smothering you.  The long and the short of it though, is they are worried.

8. You Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore

You yourself don’t know who you are anymore.  In the past, you may have prided yourself on your excellent (memory) recall, now however; you go in and out of the room three times wondering what you came in there for !

Additionally, you find others asking you “Are you ok?” more and more often.

9. Nothing Else Has Worked

Nothing else has worked!  You have tried all of the hot baths, cups of tea, meditations, advice from the friendly cashier at the grocery store – but nothing seems to be working.  You feel “stuck” in an endless cycle like the “Next Episode” feature on your streaming service (which seems to be never-ending at times).

Your support network is down to one person – you.  (And at times this person also has seem to have disappeared into the abyss).  No fun.

****Caveat Emptor**** The above list is not meant to be all-encompassing.  Just as everyone is different, so are our responses to stress/adversity. This may be an excellent time to reach out to a counsellor, and speak with someone who knows about this list (personally, ahem), and will not judge you or pity you about it.  Feelings are not facts.  Like the check engine light in your vehicle, these are indicators something is not working.

Fortunately, change is on the horizon.  All you need to do is reach out to your friendly Parkway Physiotherapy Team Member – we love to help!

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