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Shockwave therapy is proven to stimulate healing. See results in as little as 2-3 sessions.

Shockwave Therapy in Langford and Sooke

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At Parkway Physiotherapy and Performance Centre we offer Shockwave therapy as a treatment option and when prescribed by your chiropractor or physiotherapist, it can be claimed under most medical plans.

Tendon Injuries

Chronic tendon injuries are characterized by degeneration in the tendon and infiltration of a different type of connective tissue. These connective tissues are weaker and thicker and grow with new pain fibres attached. Shockwave therapy can help to heal the chronic injury.

Trigger Points

These trigger points are revealed by tight knots in the muscle. If you’ve pressed into your won sore muscles you’ve probably got myofascial trigger points and if you have no sore areas anywhere, well you probably don’t have any trigger points.

Plantar Fasciitis

This type of heel pain is the one that is usually worst first thing in the morning upon getting out of bed. The plantar fascia is actually a ligament not a tendon so this has opened up the possibility of treating difficult ligament injuries with Shockwave therapy.

Bone Fractures

Shockwave therapy is also used to treat non-union of fractures as it also stimulates bone healing. Yes, this is a pretty neat technology that helps stimulate healing of muscle, tendon, ligament, bone and blood vessel.

The Data is In

Scientifically Backed Results

At Parkway, we use what’s called radial shockwave treatment. Radial waves start narrow and spread the energy outwards so that they are safer yet still enjoy many of the same therapeutic options.

Improvement for people with plantar fasciitis
Relief for myofascial trigger points
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Shockwave therapy is a type of treatment that directs pressure waves into an injured area in order to stimulate healing. These are high-energy waves intended to stimulate the injured area. Results are usually obtained in 2-3 sessions.

If you have a long standing injury and you’ve tried a number of treatment techniques, periods of rest and reoccurrence, and a number of exercises and the injury persists then Shockwave therapy might be an excellent option for you.

If you have one of the conditions listed above then Shockwave can be an excellent treatment form in addition to the other therapy forms you may be doing.

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