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Concussion Care Ecosystem at Parkway Physiotherapy

Concussion injuries are a type of traumatic brain injury that occurs when the head is forced to move rapidly. Concussion awareness has increased dramatically over the past decade, which has driven a much higher rate of diagnosis. Many people relate concussion injuries to sports such as football, rugby and soccer, but in fact, we assess and treat an equal (or larger number) of people whose concussions happened at work or home due to falls or falling objects.

Although some medical providers will refer to a concussion as a mild brain injury because they are rarely life-threatening, concussions are serious injuries in our view, and the effects of concussions can significantly affect a person’s quality of life.

At Parkway Physiotherapy and Performance Centre, we have what we call our Concussion Care Ecosystem. This cycle of care begins before the injury ever occurs, where we offer baseline testing and the world’s first (currently the only) evidence-based concussion prevention program.

After a concussion injury occurs, we believe in early assessment, activation, and treatment. We encourage clients to call us immediately so that our team can mark your case as a high priority and get you in for an assessment as quickly as possible. Our treatment plans are tailored to each individual.

Return to work, play and life decisions are made with the client, the family doctor or neurologist, and any other person involved. This can mean the coach, the workplace or the school. The decision on return must be made with as much information as possible because it is well known that symptoms often disappear before the concussion is fully resolved, and this is why our ecosystem offers a comprehensive set of tests as possible.

Some people see us at Parkway because they have what is called Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS). They continue to have symptoms months or years after the concussion. It is generally believed that those most susceptible to PCS have one or more pre-existing conditions (read more below). The number of people in the so-called “miserable minority” is reported to comprise as high as 30% of concussions. This is why we take these injuries so seriously and why the process of returning to your normal life is one we want to take in a step by step process.

Finally, the entire Concussion Care Ecosystem is dependent upon good communication. We will provide you with a treatment action plan and send this to your doctor, and we also help you communicate with your work, coaches, school or others to ensure that you have the space to return in the safest possible manner.

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