‘I stay home because it’s safer’ – remarked a client recently about their feelings after an accident.

Interestingly enough – a lot of people post-injury (car/pedestrian/bike accident sports injury) think ‘I’ll be ok once the bruises and scrapes heal’; which may indeed be true. In some cases, however, home can also become ‘unsafe’ over time as once the physical bruises and scrapes have healed, there may be ‘deeper’ concerns such as: Fear of driving/resuming athletic activities which may present as social withdrawal, sleeplessness, emotional outbursts (irritability frustration, and sadness) which may manifest into generalized anxiety/depression if left untreated. 

Which is why working as part of a larger care team makes such a difference. In collaboration with a patient’s physiotherapist, kinesiologist, massage therapist for example, the counsellor can take an active team approach to a patient’s care providing them with services ‘beyond the physical’, into personal – while at the same time watching for signs of physical distress/reports of fears of re-injury; which can then be shared confidentially with the team to provide the patient with more personalized, supportive service than they might have received without the collaboration and compassionate care provided through the team treat approach!

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