Insurance and Direct Billing

We offer direct billing for a variety of insurance providers. Plus we accept ICBC and WSBC claims.

Important: Even with direct billing PLEASE BE READY TO PAY IN FULL OUT OF POCKET if there is an issue with your insurer’s online service interruptions or your specific policy’s billing eligibility. Only you can see your policy’s terms (except ICBC) and how much you are eligible for. Some plans may require a physician’s prescription.

Please understand that there may be instances where direct billing won’t be available for reasons such as insurer’s online service interruptions, your specific policy’s billing eligibility, etc. In these cases, please be ready to pay for the whole session cost. Parkway Physiotherapy + Performance Centres operate independently from all insurance companies, we have no way to check specific details of your policy (except for ICBC). Please contact your insurer for such details.

We direct bill for Veteran Affairs (DVA) and the RCMP.