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Why you should work at Parkway

Just like our team-treat model at Parkway, we work and act as a team and family.

Work-Life Balance

We believe that a work-play balance is key to relationship building, thus creating a cohesive work atmosphere. All of us at Parkway Physiotherapy believe that having fun is one of the most important things, and we want our patients to be able to feel that when they arrive at our clinics.

Accelerated Learning

At Parkway, there are no practical or philosophical limitations to our holistic approach. Devotees of lifelong learning Parkway’s clinicians are among the highest trained rehab professionals in BC, continuously learning new techniques and methodologies to provide the highest level of care. They consult with professionals, researchers and educators while remaining rooted in evidence-based inquiry and proven techniques.

Masterful yet approachable, rather than jealously guarding their secrets, they relish sharing their knowledge with their fellow team clinicians. They consider it a privilege to practice their skills on those who turn to them for help.

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Just like our team-treat model at Parkway, we work and act as a team and family.

Beautiful Location

The Parkway team’s love of nature and the vast beauty of Vancouver Island serves as inspiration in their quest for answers while keeping South Island families performing for life.

Many islanders embrace our beautiful island and appreciate Parkway’s commitment to ensuring they can continue to enjoy everything the island offers, whether that be hiking, biking, skiing, running, team sports or just a walk with their grandchildren.

Group Activities

Our Chief of Culture, Ashley Vachon, leads each Fun Officer at each clinical location where we encourage one another to participate in team bonding activities, weekly emails to discuss wins amongst the team, and social get-togethers to bring a sense of “family” to our forever growing team at Parkway Physiotherapy & Performance Centre

Our Culture

Why you should work at Parkway


Our Team Enjoying Work-Life Balance