Excellence in healthcare every day. Parkway is dedicated to helping people feel and live better.

You Think You Need Us, But You’re Not Sure

You have a clinical diagnosis, a referral, or a need for physical therapy of some sort. You’re looking for the best partner to whom you can entrust your health and well being, and you’ve learned (through our Home Page) that Parkway aspires to a high-level and quality of care.

Who Are We?

We are a community practice. Each year we care for upwards of 4,500 patients and administer approximately 35,000 treatments through our broad range of Physiotherapy and complementary practices. Though each patient is different, we can confidently claim that there are few (if any) physical therapies or performance challenges that we haven’t encountered and successfully pursued to the best possible outcome.

Not Just Quantity, But Quality

So, does just being big make Parkway better? Of course not!

But when you think of the sheer breadth of specialisms and cross-disciplinary teamwork required to support these numbers, our claim begins to stack up. It stands to reason. When you combine our passion for learning, evidence-based healing methods, science-based techniques, and a total focus on each patient (not the therapy itself), you begin to understand what we mean by ’Keeping South Island Families Performing for Life.’

What differentiates us is you lose nothing in the way of practice-specialism but gain everything by way of our ability to synthesise the most appropriate approaches for your requirements. If there’s an established therapy solution that’s right for your needs, we’ve got it. If not, we’ll create a combined program specifically for you. At Parkway, there are no practical or philosophical limitations to our holistic approach.

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