Concussion Prevention & Baseline Testing

Parkway Physiotherapy is one of the leaders on Vancouver Island for concussion prevention and baseline testing. Learn how our team and technology can help you avoid head injuries and keep you safer.

At the forefront of concussion care and prevention, we introduce the groundbreaking RAM4 technology. It’s not just the first of its kind—it’s the only clinically validated technology in the world proven to enhance concussion resistance. Whether you’re an athlete, a parent, or simply someone mindful about health, this innovative tool is designed for anyone aiming to decrease their risk of experiencing a concussion.

The RAM4 technology makes it easy to take proactive steps towards your health. The entire process takes a mere 10 minutes! This cutting-edge system assesses the strength and movement of your torso and neck when subjected to a jolt—mimicking the sudden impact that could cause a concussion. Rest assured, this is done safely and controlled, using a specialized machine that diligently records your body’s reactions.

The data collected by the RAM4 is used to produce a comprehensive report and determine your risk of sustaining a concussion. But we don’t stop there. We use this data to create a customized strengthening plan for your head, neck, and upper body—helping you reduce your risk further.

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JR Justesen

Co-Founder of Parkway Physiotherapy

“This kind of preventative, performance-focused therapy is a perfect fit with our clinic philosophy. It’s based on physiotherapy technology, so is a natural extension of our comprehensive care programs. The system gives the athlete the ability to be proactive and have more control over their exposure to risk of concussion. In the same way, targeted training for a marathon improves performance and reduces the likelihood of injury, so does the RAM4 system specifically reduce the risk of concussion.”

Concussion Baseline Testing

Why is Baseline Testing Important?

Baseline testing provides a pre-injury overview of brain health, which serves as a comparison point if a concussion occurs. This comparison can help identify changes in brain function post-injury, making it an invaluable tool in tailoring effective treatment strategies.


Introducing Brain Gauge

Brain Gauge is an advanced tool that enhances the effectiveness and depth of baseline testing. It’s not just another computer test—it’s a revolutionary way to pinpoint specific areas of the brain that may be impacted by a concussion injury.
Using a touch-based sensor, patients answer questions and perform time-based tasks. This happens post-assessment with a concussion professional, providing a comprehensive view of the patient’s brain health.

Benefits of Using Brain Gauge

What sets Brain Gauge apart is its ability to provide more accurate and in-depth insights than traditional baseline concussion tests. By examining specific functions like accuracy, reaction time, focus, and fatigue, we gain a detailed understanding of your individual condition.

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