Initial Appointment: $129.15
Subsequent Appointments: $99.99
Shockwave Session: $129.15
TMJ Physiotherapy Session: $129.15

MSP User Fee: $55.00 (Rate may vary depending on service)

Chiropractic Care

Initial Appointment: $129.15
Subsequent Appointments (20 mins): $99.99
Subsequent Appointments (10 mins): $72.90
Chiro Shockwave Assessment: $129.15
Chiro Shockwave Subsequent: $129.15

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vertigo, Dizziness & Vestibular Assessment: $172.00
Vertigo, Dizziness & Vestibular Subsequent: $99.99

Pelvic Floor Health

First Assessment: $172-$180.00
Subsequent Appointments: $114.55-180.00

Initial physiotherapy appointments will typically last 40 minutes to an hour. Subsequent visit times will vary depending on your individual requirements. Physiotherapy costs reflect a service and are not based on per-minute billing.

Clinical Counselling

Initial Appointment: $164.05
Follow Up Appointment: $164.05


Kinesiology Assessment: $129.15
Subsequent Appointments: $99.99

Athletic Therapy

Initial Appointment: $129.15
Subsequent Appointments: $99.99

Registered Massage Therapy

60-Min Appointment: $135.40
ICBC User Fee: $45.00

Massage therapy appointments, by law, must include tax, whereas physiotherapy visits are tax-exempt. Initial massage therapy appointments are 60 minutes to allow time for history taking and examination.

Concussion Therapy

(Acute or Chronic) Assessment: $172.00
Subsequent Appointments: $99.99

Pre/Post Concussion Treatment

Baseline Testing One hour, RAM4 & Brain Gauge: $244.75
Results, Assessment, Exercise Program & Resources: $125.00
RAM4 Testing/Re-testing: $125.00
Post Concussion CAP- Somatosensory Testing – $156.25