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We continually undertake professional development education to remain up to date with the latest health treatment options.

Parkway Ticks All the Right Boxes and More

Physiotherapy is a keystone competence. It’s what we do most of as a standalone treatment. Our team is experts in manual therapy and exercise prescription. We offer leading-edge skills and technologies in the whole gamut of therapy options, including Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), dry-needle acupuncture, ultrasound and shockwave therapy. We can also assess and treat vestibular disorders and dizziness, concussion prevention and treatment, post-concussion syndrome, and pelvic floor health.

When dealing with more complex conditions, physiotherapy also frequently acts as the mortar that binds together the building blocks of our integrated, multi-disciplinary programs. We are experts in treating a spectrum of motor vehicle, industrial and sporting injuries from weekend warriors to elite athletes.

Our success rate speaks for itself, and here’s why…

We’re Good, But YOU Make Us Better

What you need to know is that our professional development and in-house training never stops. We take the courses and incorporate the science into our therapies. Innovation is in our DNA.

We are confident and acknowledged for that expertise, and it’s a key reason why only the best in the business want to be part of the Parkway family.

Our endless quest to stay the best in the industry, and do better by you, sets us apart. You’ll experience a level of engagement and attention that goes way beyond the industry norm. We consider it essential to our working relationship with you, your recovery, and our mutual improvement!

We’ve got time for you. Why? Because we learn something from every patient, and that includes you. The benefit of those collective experiences and team learning from other patients is paid forward to you in your treatment.

They say, “there is no ‘I’ in team”, but there is a YOU!

Your Best Advocate

We care about your health and know that the importance of working as a team with your other practitioners, such as Doctors or specialists, is of the utmost importance to your recovery.

Through careful communication on treatment action plans, notes, and other forms of communications, we come together as Health Care practitioners to provide you with the resources and compassion you deserve. At Parkway, we do not shy away from a chance at bettering a relationship with you, your family, and your team to ensure your healing moves as seamlessly as possible while providing the best care that we have the comprehensive knowledge to provide.

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