Briana May

Clinic Location
  • Millstream Village
You might be surprised that I…
  • Am fully bilingual in French and English
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Briana graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University in 2012 while pursuing a golf scholarship. She competed as a varsity athlete throughout her four years while in the exercise science program. Following her undergrad, Briana completed the Masters of Physical Therapy program at Western in 2014.

Throughout her time at Western, Briana had the opportunity to work with one of the leading concussion management experts in Ontario and has now started a similar concussion program with the clinic at Parkway.

After her time at Western, Briana worked for two years at a high-performance orthopaedic clinic in Barrie, Ontario. This clinic specialized in sports rehabilitation, where the emphasis was put on proper movement patterns and effective exercise prescription to optimize performance. Education is a big part of her treatment approach as she believes all patients should learn how to perform basic maintenance on themselves to live long, healthy lives.

Continuing education courses include advanced concussion/MTBI management, dry needling (IMS), pelvic floor rehabilitation (incontinence and pelvic pain), advanced vestibular training, manual therapy level 2, SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment), FMS (Functional Movement Assessment), Movnat level 1 and Acupuncture. Briana has also completed a certification course through the NDTA (Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association), a 120-hour contact course that provides advanced therapist education for individuals with neurological dysfunction.

Briana is fully bilingual and capable of offering services in French and English.