Lauren Macauley

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About Lauren

Clinic Location
  • Tuscany Village
You might be surprised that I…
  • I’ve worked with a variety of sports teams like rugby and hurling teams in Ireland, and soccer teams in the Canada Games
  • I’m an active competitor in equestrian dressage!

I started with the Parkway Physiotherapy team ten years ago. It was a pivotal time for growth in my career as I was going through my ortho levels and completed my FCAMPT. 

Under the mentorship of Brian, Krista, and JR, I learned to be a better physiotherapist. Although the three of them couldn’t have more distinct styles, I was able to pick and choose skills that made the most impact to my practice. I took from Brian for his test-retest treatment style. I’d look to Krista for her methodical thought process to diagnose and treat any injury. From JR, I took his management of the patient’s personality.

Life took me to Vancouver when I met my husband, and back again to Victoria when our little guy came into our lives. Parkway had felt like a supportive family to me and I am thrilled to be back again with the Parkway team and to now be able to share my own knowledge. My ambition is to make Tuscany Village a place where therapists can learn and grow into their full potential as it was for me.