Meet the Team

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Laura Despins


  • Certified Athletic Therapist, Kinesiologist
You might be surprised that I…
  • Am originally from Merchosin, BC
  • Absolutely love the West Coast… but that’s not a surprise!

About Laura

I was born and raised in Metchosin, BC, and have enjoyed every moment of living on the beautiful West Coast. I graduated from Camosun College with a Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy and am now a certified Athletic Therapist and Kinesiologist at Parkway Physiotherapy. Although I grew up very active early, I spent my early career working at the Westin Bear Mountain Resort, executing once in a lifetime events such as weddings, conferences and golf tournaments. It wasn’t until I became heavily involved in running and kickboxing that I developed many overuse injuries and became a client at Parkway Physiotherapy myself. My experiences through physiotherapy and my athletic background ignited my passion for becoming involved in health and wellness and starting my schooling at Camosun.

Years after I finished school, I sustained a severe foot injury while mountain biking, which left me unable to fully weight bear or walk for eight months. At first, I was crushed at realizing I wouldn’t live my usual active lifestyle; however, after two days spent on the couch, I was motivated to discover what I was capable of and continue to be involved. I got an off-road knee scooter and went to the gym daily. Having sustained a life-changing injury, I further developed my clinical skills, empathy towards clients, and creativity to find new ways to exercise. If I could sum up what I learned in my years of schooling into one sentence, it would be the importance of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle to prevent, treat, and rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries and chronic diseases.

As an Athletic Therapist, I work with a broad spectrum of clients, not just athletes. I have a particular interest in treating clients who have suffered from concussions and work-related accidents.

A big part of my treatment is genuinely getting to know my clients and their personal goals and help them get back to their “normal”. This can be anything from walking to the mailbox and back, completing a 10km run, Crossfit or being able to hike and enjoy the west coast. My goal is for you to leave feeling better than when you came in!