1. Before a Concussion (Prevention)

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1. Before a Concussion (Prevention)

Baseline testing:
We believe that concussion care begins before an injury ever occurs. The more information we have, the better when it comes to returning to play/work/life decisions. Our baseline tests include:

  • Brain Gauge assessment
  • King-Devick rapid number naming assessment
  • Single leg balance assessment on a computerized force plate
  • Drop Stick test (note reaction time is now assessed on the Brain Gauge, and the assessment will be more accurate than the drop stick test)
  • Grip strength (as a measure of global upper body strength)

RAM testing for concussion prevention:
This technology is currently the only evidence-based concussion prevention system in the world.
We take measures of your neck girth, neck strength and neck function with the RAM test to understand your concussion risk. This allows us to create goals with each client to prevent a concussion from occurring. If a concussion still happens, improvement in neck function can decrease the consequences of a concussion injury.

RAM testing is performed in our team treat model. During your first visit, you will go through all the tests involved with the RAM system; your second visit will be with one of our physiotherapists, who will interpret your results and set goals and a neck training program. The final visit to retest your neck function will usually take place 12-16 weeks later. All three visits are physio visits from an extended medical care perspective.

We are very pleased to partner with CAP corporation, a Canadian Calgary-based company that created this RAM technology. CAP and Parkway are partnered in this work with the belief that concussion prevention work is more about changing the athlete, not the sport. Click here to read more about the RAM machine and the science behind it.

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