Mel Untal

Clinic Location
  • Happy Valley
  • MPT, IMS
You might be surprised that I…
  • Started my physiotherapy journey more than a decade ago in the Philippines.
  • Am an avid photographer and love photographing the Island!

After graduating, I started my physiotherapy career more than 15 years ago in the Philippines. I worked in the health care industry in the U.K. before coming to Canada – my country of choice.

I worked for several years in Toronto in various health care capacities while credentialling to practice physiotherapy in Canada. Finally, I made the move to our natural paradise, Vancouver Island, about three years ago.

I’m very honoured to have joined Parkway Physiotherapy to pursue my passion, which is to help people of all ages recover more quickly from injuries and illnesses, experience improved mobility with reduced pain, and generally enjoy an improved quality of life.

I follow an attentive, one-on-one approach to accurately assess my clients’ needs and guide them on the best route to recovery with reduced risk of reinjury.

When I’m not helping my clients, I’m busy kayaking, hiking, biking, running, and swimming. I like to cook and am an avid photographer, and I love trying to capture the beauty and wonder of this beautiful place we call home.