Madhura Javadekar

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  • B.P.Th (Bachelor’s Of Physiotherapy)
You might be surprised that I…
  • I grew up in fast paced city like Mumbai, India
  • Have experience of treating patients with culturally diverse needs
  • Believe that Physical Fitness is the key to Happiness

About Madhura

I graduated from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in 2021. Being born and brought up in most populous city of India who witnesses hundreds of immigrants from different parts of country, I have worked with people from different ethical and cultural backgrounds. Assessed and developed treatment plans according to their needs.

I have experience of working in different clinical settings ranging from polyclinics, independent practitioners and large public hospitals. I have worked in National Burns Unit, Cardiac Inpatient Department, treated adult and Paediatric with Neurological Conditions.

I have special interest in Pelvic floor rehabilitation. During my Bachelors, I did a research to assess the prevalence of stress incontinence in female cross fit trainers which got published in Galore International Journal.

I have Passion for movement, rehabilitation and injury prevention. Being a physiotherapist has helped me developed an immense understanding of the healing processes in physical body, the requirement of rest, the timely need of medicine in acute instances and the immaculate importance of goal oriented movements.

When I am not working you can catch me grooving on Bollywood songs, travelling and exploring the beauty of Vancouver Island. I like to do brisk walking while listening to my favourite songs. I also like to make new friends and spend good quality time with them.